Andrew Gill Seeking Return to St. Andrew’s City Council Seat

Date: April 15, 2014
For Immediate Release

Former St. Andrew’s Ward City Councillor Andrew Gill has announced his intention to run in the upcoming municipal election, seeking the same seat he won in 2006. As a member of that city council, Andy was a strong supporter of the building of the new Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre, Performing Arts Centre and  other civic initiatives. “These new additions have already made a significant positive impact on our community and it’s important to complete and promote these projects for the future well-being of St. Catharines,” stated Andy.

“As a past member of City Council, Andy Gill was dedicated to serving his constituents and was a strong advocate for the residents of St. Andrew’s Ward,” said Mayor Brian McMullan. “The City of St. Catharines would benefit greatly from his experience, vision and determination.”

During his first term as City Councillor, Andy earned a reputation as a tireless representative for residents of St. Andrew’s Ward. One of his lasting accomplishments was the restoration of the West St. Catharines Seniors Centre.

“Andy helped us to restore our building which would have otherwise been closed. The Centre is an important place for so many of our neighbourhood seniors.” says Marilyn Misener, President of the West St. Catharines Seniors. “We are very happy to know that he will make affordable housing for seniors in west St. Catharines a priority. We want the people who built this community to have the ability to stay and live right here.”

Always eager to assist, Andy has been instrumental in organizing support for local initiatives.

“Andrew Gill is a good community leader. I have worked with him on a campaign to raise funds for two boys with muscular dystrophy.  In my opinion, Andrew’s magnetism to attract , organize  and lead volunteers, was a major reason for our campaign’s success.”  added Donald Walker.

Andy has identified several challenges and opportunities that will face a new city council headed by a new mayor. “St. Catharines has momentum that we all can see. It’s very exciting but so important that we finish what we started and address some lingering problems including the current state of Port Dalhousie. Jobs will continue to be our greatest immediate need in St. Catharines and it will take strong cooperation between business, education and community organizations to create a new generation of employment opportunities.”


Andrew Gill Contact:

Ph 905-931-5647


Andrew Gill for St. Andrew’s Ward City Councillor